This site allows you to easily repeat any Vimeo videos. You want to loop a video forever? You're at the right place!

The way to do it is very simple; Just add "repeat" before the ".com" of a Vimeo video address.
So this address:
It's that simple!

Why did I do this? Well I was finding YoutubeRepeat very useful because I tend to listen to the same song over and over while working. I know this sounds retarded, but I guess I am not alone. The problem: the site didn't exist for Vimeo so I took it upon myself to build it and here we are. If you have any suggestion or comment about VimeoRepeat you can send them at

I intend to improve on this and I have a couple ideas on how to do so. I want to have a most repeated video page, a search page, a personal history so you can easily find previously looped videos and I want to work a bit on the design. The problem is that I don't have that much time, but we will see how it goes.